Cutting Edge Power is excited to announce the new release of two mobile solar panel systems!




Cutting Edge Power is excited to announce the new release of two mobile solar panel systems.  The first, Power Boss, is intended for 1000W+ off-grid solar power.   It can be ordered with or without wheels.  The Power Boss is a packaged kit and includes all necessary parts to assemble.  The second mobile solar panel system is a new off-grid Solar Trailer design that can be ordered with up to 600W of solar panels.  Both of these products complement each other and can be ordered with any of Cutting Edge Power’s solar generators.  


The recommended solar generator to order with these mobile solar panel systems are either the Fortress Solar Generator or the 240V split phase Rebel Solar Generator.  The Fortress and Rebel are both weatherproof.   Cutting Edge Power can also outfit these mobile units anywhere from 1200Wh to 100kWh of battery storage (Yes, 100,000 Watt-hours!).  


Solar panels, solar generator and batteries are all modular and can be custom ordered through  Combined with the mobile solar panel systems, Cutting Edge Power Solar Generators can provide reliable and renewable power for events, parties, construction jobsite work, off-grid cabins and tiny homes, and more.  


Cutting Edge Power is a USA-based solar and wind turbine product manufacturer.  Located in Houston, TX, the company has rapidly become an influential player in the residential and commercial wind and solar industry.  You can find their products on their website at


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