Silence your inverter! How to make your inverter quiet forever


Almost every inverter I've come across has a visual indicator + audible indicator that communicates a high or low battery voltage.  The low battery alarm is a convenient feature when using an inverter with lead acid batteries because we know lead acid batteries can be permanently damaged if the voltage drops too low.  But in an age when inverters are increasingly being used with lithium ion and LiFePO4 batteries, these alarms are starting to become unnecessary.

Often times this alarm is extremely inconvenient (like in the middle of the night) and you'd prefer to just let the battery die rather than have to get up and turn off your inverter.  This guide will show you how to identify and remove the component that's causing the noise so you can get some peace and quiet.  This operation should not be performed if your inverter is being used for a critical application like a CPAP breathing machine.

We start by removing the cover on the inverter.  Most inverters have a top or bottom cover held on by phillips screws.  Note: This is also how you can change the fuses on many inverters.

Once opened up, we need to find the buzzer component that looks like this:

This is the part making noise.  All we need to do is grab it with some pliers and rotate it or rock it back and forth to break the pins and remove it.  If the black cover comes off and the internals pop out, that will be enough to silence the buzzer.  Be very careful to not break any other components inside the inverter.

In this inverter, the buzzer was mounted to a vertical PCB, making it difficult to access.  Usually you can use a standard pair of pliers but in this case I had to use a pair of 90 degree pliers.

Once the buzzer is removed, we can install the cover back on the inverter and we're good to go!

By the way, I've used this same method for silencing hoverboards, computers and all kinds of electronics.  Good luck!

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