My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine

My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine

Since my wind turbine has been up for a while I thought I should take a look at it and maybe do some maintenance. Originally I thought that I would inspect the turbine annually which is a pretty good idea. One of the hardest things about a turbine is that it's usually high up in the air, mine is 32 feet high; so raising it and lowering it can be a huge hassle. Fortunately, I'm using the Cutting Edge Power turnkey solution that has the swivel base and gin pole with the guy wire setup, so it's super easy.  If you're considering a wind turbine, the Cutting Edge Power solution is the way to go.  
This blog is for the maintenance on the slip ring. The slip ring is the part that rotates the connection (wiring) 360° from the generator. This allows the upper assembly that houses the generator (PMA) to rotate 360° and not tangle the wiring going down the pipe. You can see a picture of the slip ring below. The right side goes to the PMA and the left side goes to the power cable that runs up and down the pole. The assembly sits on top of the pole, and is secured with the bolt on the side. The silver part is where the housing / frame for the PMA is attached.  I eventually cut off the old school quick disconnects with Wago connectors because they work better. 
Wiring - My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine
It doesn't look too bad from here, but as soon as you turn it over and look underneath it, you'll see the problem. I tested the swivel bearing and it was still pretty smooth, without any binding, or issue. I really can't explain why the bottom side of the wiring is rubbing when the slip ring seems to be working fine. The whole point of the slip ring is to prevent the bottom wiring from rotating.
Wire - My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine
Plant - My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine
I didn't know it but I guess somehow these wires have been rubbing on the inside of the pipe that goes inside here. Each of the wires actually had some bare copper showing. 
Plant - My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine
I was surprised to see the amount of deterioration in the insulation of the wiring. Since these wires carry current this could electrify the pole. This pole is grounded but it's better to be safe.  
Pottery - My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine
Once I cut the terminals off, it was pretty easy to slide some heat shrink tubing over each wire. The color doesn't really matter because this is 3 phase and they're all going carry current.  
Wire - My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine


The heat shrink was a huge improvement, and did a great job of restoring the insulation. I wish I had the waterproof heat shrink but this will work fine. 


  Strap - My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine

I've been testing out some new braided cable wrap, so I used it here, and I really like the results. The Wago connectors are really easy to use, I just clipped them on.  

  Fuse - My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine

 There is about a half inch stripped off the end of the wire, so there is quite a bit of wire to make the electrical  connection. I used 450v 41A 221 Wago connectors with 10 AWG wire.   

 Adapter - My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine

I put some of the braided cable wrap on the other side too.  

 Adapter - My Renewable Energy Wind Turbine

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