Cutting Edge Power Inc. Announces A New Mini Wind Turbine Body Style

Cutting Edge Power Inc. Announces A New Mini Wind Turbine Body Style

Houston/Dallas, TX – Cutting Edge Power Inc. is excited to announce their brand new mini wind turbine body style.  They have totally redesigned the portable mini wind turbine which mounts on any pipe with an outside diameter of 1.05”.  Updates include a new front “face” plate, which incorporates two O-ring gaskets to prevent water intrusion.  The housing is now thicker than ever, about 3/8” thick, a vast improvement from the previous 1/16” housing.  This thickness increase adds strength and durability, two very important factors in the design of a portable wind turbine.  Not only is the new body housing waterproof, it also features all stainless steel hardware, which not only looks nice but shows that this little turbine is planning to be a workhorse for a long time. 


Cutting Edge Power is marketing this turbine as a robust and powerful mini wind turbine perfect for travel, backpacking, camping and hiking, a day at the beach, or even a permanent installation.  The turbine is offered in two types: 12V DC output or Fast charging USB.  There are also single, 3 and 5 blade options.


Cutting Edge Power is one of the many companies that has recently decided to expand their portfolio with IoT (Internet of Things) products.  The previously launched Smart Turbine lives up to its “Cutting Edge” brand by offering real-time monitoring through an Android/IOS app.  The Smart Turbine is the first of its kind, and it’s packaged in a simple and portable size.  Cutting Edge Power Inc. has been providing renewable energy solutions all over the world via the Smart Turbine since its launch in Q4 2018.


Cutting Edge Power Inc., with headquarters and manufacturing locations in Dallas and Houston, TX has been providing wind turbines and accessories, solar panel accessories and the latest electrical controls and monitoring since 2014. The company has rapidly become an influential player in the residential and commercial wind and solar industry.  You can find their products on their website at as well as Amazon.


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