Cutting Edge Power Inc. Announces A New Wifi Smart Tech Power Meter

Houston/Dallas, TX – Cutting Edge Power Inc. is excited to announce the launch of their new Smart Tech Power Meter, the latest in a new line of products they are calling revolutionary “Smart Tech” products. 


After releasing their high-tech Smart Turbine last year, Cutting Edge Power has taken the same design approach to a larger scale.  Geared toward DIY wind turbine and solar panel array installations, the Smart Tech Power Meter is capable of measuring and logging up to 26V and 200 Amps DC.  That means it can measure up to 5 KW of power generation!  The wifi power meter lives up to its “Cutting Edge” name by offering real-time monitoring through an Android/IOS app. 


The new Smart Tech Power Meter is able to report (via Wi-Fi) measured voltage and current as well as calculated power generation.  Data history of up to one month can be displayed. 


“We’re releasing a larger wind turbine design later this year that will dramatically change the 700W-2,000W wind turbine market” a spokesperson for Cutting Edge Power stated.  “When we make a claim, like wind turbine power output, we want our customers to hold us to that claim.  This device will allow them to do that, and compare our output to the competition.”


Clearly designed with the customer in mind, the device has no additional power requirements and is simply wired in series with the measured circuit.  The meter is not just limited to wind and solar.  It was designed to be as versatile as possible and can measure any type of DC power generation or consumption.    


Cutting Edge Power is one of the many companies that has decided to expand their portfolio with IoT (Internet of Things) products.   With headquarters and manufacturing locations in Dallas and Houston, TX they have been providing wind turbines and accessories, solar panel accessories and electrical controls and monitoring since 2014. The company has rapidly become an influential player in the residential and commercial wind and solar industry.  You can find their products on their website at as well as Amazon. To learn more about the new Smart Tech Power Meter, visit

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