What are the minimum wind requirements for a Cutting Edge Power Mini Wind Turbine?

High Performance (12.5") blade: 6-7 MPH

3-Blade (18" swept diameter) blades with hub: 6 MPH

5-Blade (18" swept diameter) blades with hub: 5 MPH

It's important to keep in mind that although our mini wind turbines are extremely portable, they are still prone to the same issues as larger wind turbines.  This can be a great thing because the mini turbines can help determine if a large turbine is a good investment for your location.

Here are some tips for getting the most power out of your wind turbine:

  • Generally, if you aren't getting enough output or if your turbine isn't turning at all, the first thing to try would be to mount it higher.  Wind speeds are almost always higher the farther away from the ground you are.
  • If you feel a lot of wind but you aren't getting enough/any output from your wind turbine, it may be due to turbulent winds.  This is evident in areas like balconies where the wind hits the back wall and ends up swirling around the balcony.  Great for a breeze, but not for a wind turbine.  Try to move the turbine away from structures and higher off the ground.
  • If there is plenty of wind and the turbine just isn't spinning fast enough, you may have installed blade on backwards.  Make sure the small arrow on the blades is facing toward the wind.

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    The Minnie wind generator is putting out 24v ???

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