CEP Rebel Whole Home Solar Backup Generator, 12V / 24V to 240V AC 120V AC

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Solar power is hands-down the best way to go,

Especially if you are concerned about power grid shutdowns, gasoline/diesel shortages, or natural gas / LP supply problems.  And if you’re on this page, we figure you’re already sold on solar power.  Now the challenge is figuring out if this system will work for you.  In this case, we’ve got good news for you: Our whole home solar backup generator is the simplest way to get solar power into your home! 

With a NEMA L14-30R receptacle, this generator acts like any other generator you’re familiar with, except for these MAJOR advantages:

·         SILENT: Our solar generators are extremely quiet.  The only thing you can hear is the small 120mm fans when it runs.

·         SAFE: This device is 100% safe to run indoors. (Sealed batteries only)

·         NO EMISSIONS: No carbon dioxide, no risk of carbon monoxide, no exhaust, just clean green power!!

·         SUPER LOW MAINTENANCE: Forget about filling up generators or trying to figure out how to treat gasoline for long term stand-by use.  With an extremely minimal amount of moving parts, you don’t have to worry about oil changes, engine overhauls, or other 19th century technology nightmares!

Hook up your batteries and absolutely no additional wiring is needed!  It includes plug and play solar inputs and tons of power output.  It is the perfect companion for industrial use, commercial use, power outages, parties, events, construction job sites, etc. 

Additional Features:

·         Completely assembled and quality checked in USA.  Capable of handling up to 2,400W of solar panel input charging.

·         Extreme rugged reliability via a high quality pure sine low frequency inverter designed for operation in harsh environments.

Why a low frequency inverter?

    • Weighing about 3 times more than a high frequency inverter, low frequency inverters are extra heavy duty.  Low frequency inverters use powerful transformers (lots of copper!).  They are more reliable and sturdy than the cheap high frequency inverter’s MOSFETs, which use electronic switching and more prone to damage, particularly at high power levels.
    • Low frequency inverters have a much higher tolerance for harsh and humid environments, making our solar generators ideal for use in emergency situations.
    • Low frequency inverters have a higher surge output than high frequency inverters. (300% versus 200%)

·         Pre-wired and ready to go: Just hook up your batteries to the M10 battery post terminals.  No crimping, splicing, extra wiring needed.

·         MPPT charge controller with solar panel connectors, temperature controlled with cooling fan.

·         Built-in short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, and over-load protection.

·         Heavy duty shock-proof case molded in USA meets military standards, is lockable and includes a pull out handle and rugged inline wheels.

·         12V Socket with 30A circuit breaker.

·         Big LCD display with all adjustable parameters.

·         All Cutting Edge Power wiring done with premium 200°C rated silicone insulated wire.


·         Battery chemistry: SLA Deep Cycle (This device can also be used with 4S 12.8V lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 batteries.), gel, AGM and lead Acid batteries.

·         Battery voltage:

    • 12 VDC (4000W model)
    • 24 VDC (6000W model)

·         Inverter rated power output: Inverter watts refers to the maximum continuous output.  Max surge output is 3 x the continuous rating.            

Max surge:

  • 4000W Model Surge: 12KW Max Output   
  • 6000W Model Surge: 18KW Max Output

·         Maximum rated solar charging current: 100 Amps (1200W for 12V Batteries / 2400W for 24V Batteries)

·         Maximum solar panel voltage input:

  • 23V max input when charging 12V battery (4000W model)
  • 46V max input when charging 24V batteries (6000W model)
  • Ports:
    • Output:

·         (1) 240VAC / 1PH / 60HZ split phase for North American use, pure sine, NEMA L14-30R

·         (4) Household 110/120VAC / 1PH / 60 HZ, pure sine, 3-prong outlet

·         (1) 12V socket, 30A (360W)

·         (3) USB 5VDC / 2A

·         Input:

·         (1) Solar panel connector pair

·         5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel jack

·         (1) 3 prong wall charger

·         External dimensions: 31.3” x 15.5” x 20.4”

·         Weight: 89 lbs

·         Temperature range: -20°C to 40°C


PLEASE NOTE: This product does not have internal space for batteries.  This is due to the large size of these inverters. Please consider our expansion box for extra battery storage.


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