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No batteries, no charge controllers, no settings, no adjustments....

Just solar panel to USB!

Truly plug and play.
The solar panel size doesn't matter, as long as it's over 10W.

This little guy is extremely lightweight and compact, which makes it perfect for backpacking, hiking, and travel!  It really packs a punch at up to 12A output, which means it can charge several devices at high speeds.  It is also great for an emergency power supply for your home, campsite, tailgate party, or your latest home improvement project. 

  • USB Output Voltage: 5V DC (compatible with USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2)
  • Maximum output:

    • 2 port: 3A total
    • 4 port: 6A total
    • 8 port: 12A total
  • Supports Apple / Android phones and tablets as well as any other device that uses 5V USB. 
  • Compatible with 12V or 24V solar panels. 
  • Required input voltage: 9-40V DC
  • Operating temperature range: -40F to 140F (-40C to 60C)
  • Includes miniature USB LED tester
  • Approximate efficiency: 80%
    • Example: A 30W output must be supplied with about 38W input.  (38 x 80% = 30W).


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Jay S.
United States United States

If you are an early adopter of a solar panel, then chances are that the panel is below a 100 Watts, was expensive, and it doesn't have a USB connection. This device connects directly to your solar panel and doesn't require a controller. With this device, you can devote your smaller solar panel to charging cell phones and small power banks and larger solar panels to running/charging larger devices

Cool product, charges fast

This is a super cool product. I will use it along with my solar generator if the power goes out. Pros: Charges things fast Great for power outages Mc4 connection is convenient Cons: Fan always runs(I have a workaround see below) Not cheap Usb slots are a little loose(see below for other workaround Like some other people said in other reviews, when your solar panel is in the sun the fan in this unit will always run. Not a huge deal but I would rather be able to shut it off. Obviously if you move the panel out of the sun it will shut off or My idea, you can add SAE to MC4 connector so you can quickly unplug this device. The SAE connector will make it much easier to quickly unplug this device from the panel. The usb slots can be a little loose, after you plug in cords to these slots 100 times they will break. My work around for this is to plug in a couple of short usb extensions and always leave them plugged in so no matter how many times you plug things in they will not shake the original usb ports loose. One more suggestion, yes it can charge your phone fast but I also suggest using it to charge your small battery banks so you get the best bang for you buck. This product is awesome you should give it a try.

Cutting Edge Power Solar Panel USB Adapter Charge Controller Backpacking Camping Hiking OffGrid ReviewCutting Edge Power Solar Panel USB Adapter Charge Controller Backpacking Camping Hiking OffGrid ReviewCutting Edge Power Solar Panel USB Adapter Charge Controller Backpacking Camping Hiking OffGrid Review
United States United States
Works as described

I was looking to charge my power banks via solar panel without having to hook up a charge controller and this portable device fits the bill. My only complaint is the position between the female and male connectors is quite narrow for people with stubby fingers.

United States United States
4 USB ports for lots of charging possibilities.

Solid construction. Works with 100 watt, 12 volt panel (which is what I'm using).

United States United States

Perfect! I paired this with a foldout solar array with MC4 coming off it already and can now power my USB devices without a charge connector/battery setup. Exactly what I wanted!