Standard Lead Times and Shipping Information

Lead times of Cutting Edge Power vary widely based on specific product, season, complexity of customizations (if any), order value, and the combination of products ordered. 

Our lead times are a result of insisting on the best quality parts and the best build quality for our customers.  Cutting Edge Power's first and second priority are safety and quality, respectively.  We do not cut corners or rush shipments out the door if we think it could be a quality or safety concern. 

A view into our records:

The following link is a quick overview of order lead times based on season, order value and quantity of items.  Please feel free to estimate lead times from our history.

Cutting Edge Power Order History

Otherwise, our best guess at lead times is: 

Lead times

Updated 03/01/2023


Lead time to ship

Base Model Solar Generators, Assembled in USA In stock
Trailblazer, Scout, Invicta, Fortress, High Output Solar Generators, Assembled in USA 4-8 weeks
PowerDock & Rebel Solar Generator, Assembled in USA with high performance 240VAC LF inverter, Overlanding Solar Generator

6-10 weeks

Cutting Edge Power Structural Industrial Strength items (Steel solar panel mounts, wind turbine bases, etc.), Welded in USA from USA steel

75 days


Cancellations may be subject to a 10-20% restocking fee, depending on materials needed to fulfill the order.