John Williams

John Muir Trail

“Recently returned from my John Muir Trail backpacking trip and wanted to share with you my experience with the mini wind turbine. It worked great, especially in the higher elevations with more sustained winds. I was able to charge my GPS, phone and battery banks without any problems. Much quicker than the solar charger I also carried. Attached are a few photos and a video. The video is at an elevation of 9500 feet. I used 3/4 inch pvc pipe to support the turbine and used logs and rocks to secure. Your turbine worked as advertised and I would encourage you to reach out to the backpacking community as this is a good alternative to solar. At the resupply facilities, hikers would line up to use the limited number of electric plugs to charge their phones and battery packs. I could avoid this since your mini turbine charges at a similar rate as that of an AC adapter. I also could charge multiple devices at the same time using a USB splitter and charge at night while sleeping. I received a lot of positive feedback from other backpackers who saw my setup at campsites and told me they did not know such a device existed. Until I found you, I had looked for nearly two years for a lightweight portable wind turbine and all I was able to find were prototypes in search of funding. Glad I found you and I look forward to using your product on my next trip.”

- John Williams