Per Kristiansen

Per Kristiansen is a man of adventure and he has taken our mini wind turbines to the extreme!
Per visited Kungsleden (King's Trail), a hiking trail in northern Sweden, approximately 440 kilometres (270 mi) long in April 2019.  Kungsleden is rated by National Geographic among the world's best 10-15 hikes. Per regularly goes on expeditions in the mountains of Norway and Sweden, including long hiking and kayaking trips where temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius are common.  He has pushed our turbines to the extreme and relied on them to charge his phone and bluetooth headset while in the windy and snowy mountains of Sweden.
Per was instrumental in helping us design our new tripod mini wind turbine.  The tripod mini wind turbine is waterproof and can fit on any tripod (with a standard 1/4-20 thread).