Standard Lead Times and Shipping Information

As always, free shipping (Including freight) to the continental United States! No minimums or special requirements. 

These lead times are a result of insisting on the best quality parts and the best build quality for our customers.  

Lead times

Updated 01/22/2022


Lead time to ship

Base Model Solar Generators, Assembled in USA In stock
Trailblazer, Scout, Invicta, Fortress, High Output Solar Generators, Assembled in USA 4-8 weeks
PowerDock & Rebel Solar Generator, Assembled in USA with high performance 240VAC LF inverter, Overlanding Solar Generator

6-12 weeks

Cutting Edge Power Industrial Strength items (Steel solar panel mounts, wind turbine bases, etc.), Welded in USA from USA steel

75 days


Cancellations may be subject to a 10-20% restocking fee, depending on materials needed to fulfill the order.