Cutting Edge Power Inc. Announces the Launch of their New Smart Turbine

Cutting Edge Power Inc. Announces the Launch of their New Smart Turbine - Cutting Edge Power

Houston/Dallas, TX - Cutting Edge Power Inc. is excited to announce the launch of their new smart wind turbine, the first in a new line of products they are calling revolutionary “Smart Tech” products.  Cutting Edge Power is one of the many companies that has decided to expand their portfolio with IoT (Internet of Things) products this year.  The Smart Turbine lives up to its “Cutting Edge” brand by offering real-time monitoring through an Android/IOS app.  The Smart Turbine is the first of its kind, and it’s packaged in a simple and portable size.  Cutting Edge Power Inc. is taking preorders now and plans to start shipping mid-November 2018, just in time for Christmas.

If you’re the person in your family or friend group that likes to be the first to try new technology, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on one of these.  The new Smart Turbine will be able to report (via Wi-Fi) measured voltage and current as well as calculated power generation.  Data history of up to one month can be displayed.

The Smart Turbine is going to be marketed as very portable, something you would want to take camping, tailgating or to the beach.  With USB and 12VDC output, it will be able to charge almost any device including smart phones, tablets, etc.  Cutting Edge Power also recommends using one of these turbines to determine the feasibility of a larger turbine.  With the monitoring app, you can pinpoint the best place for a permanent installation.

“Our new Smart Turbine is a huge milestone for the industry”, says Bob, CEO of the company.  “In this rapidly changing world, we are now the first in the wind turbine industry to establish the standard of Wi-Fi connected smart wind turbines.”  “Because our mission is to make alternative energy easier for anyone to harness, this Smart Turbine is by far the easiest and most user-friendly wind turbine on the market.”

Cutting Edge Power Inc., with headquarters and manufacturing locations in Dallas and Houston, TX has been providing wind turbines and accessories, solar panel accessories and electrical controls and monitoring since 2014. The company has rapidly become an influential player in the residential and commercial wind and solar industry.  You can find their products on their website at as well as Amazon.

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