Enjoy the power of the sun without the expense and complexity of batteries.

Enjoy the power of the sun without the expense and complexity of batteries. - Cutting Edge Power

Why Powerhouse BatteryLess Products?

Because Powerhouse BatteryLESS products do not use, nor require, batteries! Just plug your solar panel and play. Designed to work in the sun!  Internal fan cools the electronics so you can truly harness the power of the sun.

 What BatteryLESS products do CEP have?

Do I need a specific solar panel size?

The solar panel size does not matter.

What devices support the USB Adapter and the USB QUICK CHARGE ADAPTER?

  • The USB adapter supports Apple / Android phones and tablets as well as any other device that uses 5V USB.
  • The USB QUICK Adapter Supports multiple USB fast charging protocols, meaning it will quick charge almost all phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Can I use when there are no sun hours during the day?

 No, it just can be used when your solar panel is powering it.

Where I connect the other end of the ground cable of my BatteryLess Solar Generator?

It is recommended to always have a good earth ground when using any device that has a 120V AC output.  The end of the green ground wire should in theory be connected to a true earth ground rod driven several feet into the ground.  However, with mobile applications like vehicles and portable solar generators, this is not always possible and is often times removed until it can be permanently installed at a later date.


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