Power Home Solar Generator the Perfect Companion For Off-Grid Installations

Power Home Solar Generator the Perfect Companion For Off-Grid Installations - Cutting Edge Power

Our Cutting Edge Power Solar Generators are featuring  a plug and play concept, Cutting Edge Power premium solar generators are the perfect companion for off-grid installations at home, industrial use, commercial use, camping, tailgating, parties, events, construction job sites, etc.

Being able to use your own supplied battery, or use our battery, makes this solar generator one of the least expensive options on the market.  Solar generators are an excellent investment for hurricane / natural disaster preparation, backup power for your home, camping, tailgating, medical devices, refrigerators, air conditioners, construction equipment and tools, and more.

In Cutting Edge Power, we customize solar generators according to your needs. We have solar generators for each person and all of them are portable.

What is the advantage of using this setup?   

The biggest advantage is easy replacement of the battery and you can easily replace any of the components. Our generators are rated for a lot higher inputs and outputs than the competition. For example, the 1500W inverter on this model has a large extruded aluminum heat sink, exposed to the ambient air for heat dissipation. Since the competition typically crams a tiny inverter inside their unit, they cannot get very high inputs and outputs without overheating. Same goes for the charge controller.

Another advantage of us not supplying the battery is you know we are not marking up the price of the battery, which makes your overall cost lower.

Which devices will our Solar/Wind Generators run?



Does the solar generator setup have a breaker between inverter and battery?

It does not, but there are fuses in the inverter.

How many breakers do I need for the PV wires from the panels?

You will need one per panel.

Is it safe to put the battery inside the box? is there ventilation?

There are vents on the top (sometimes covered) and the cord entries on the side are very large, allowing plenty of air flow. Please, make sure your battery is compatible. We recommend this one. All you need to know about the battery.

Does the inverter have fuses inside?

Yes, the inverter does, it has fuses inside to protect from a short circuit or overload.

What are the red and black post terminals for?

What is the warranty on the assembled unit? 

1 year warranty on the inverter, 90 day return policy with no fees on the entire assembly.


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