Which devices will our Solar/Wind Generators run?

The charts below show a list of appliances that our Solar/Wind Generators are capable of powering. Keep in mind that the run time is based on the battery, not the inverter. For example: a big battery will run your TV longer than a small battery. It has nothing to do with the inverter. The inverter is the output capacity of a generator.

What we are discussing here is the power output capacity for most battery boxes/wind and solar generators we offer.  First, you need to know what will be your power consumption/wattage input for the appliances you plan to run with this battery box. 

To determine your power consumption: refer to the specs on the appliance(s), and look for the number followed by the letter "W", or google it. That number is the wattage input needed for your appliance to work. That number should either match or be inferior than the power output of the battery box/Wind and Solar generator you select.

We have put together some examples in the charts below.  

Battery Box/Wind and Solar Generator

Power Output

Examples of appliances to be powered

12V Mini PowerHouse 75 Lithium Ion Solar & Wind Generator Power Station Battery Box


Charge your phones, tablets, and laptops, and USB devices. Power small televisions, LED lights, and more.

1200W MPPT Premium Solar Generator with 300W Pure Sine Inverter, Portable Battery Box


Charge phones, USB devices, laptops, tablets, drone batteries, camera batteries, game consoles, printers, a mini fridge, stereo or CPAP, and more.

1200W MPPT Premium Solar Generator with 500W Inverter, Portable Battery Box


Power a small refrigerator, laptops, tablets, cellphones, digital cameras, power tools, game consoles, TVs, DVD players, USB devices, other low-powered devices, and more.

1,500W Solar Generator, Portable Wind Solar Battery Box w Inverter


Power a mini fridge, electric tools, BBQ equipment, medical devices, laptops, mobile phones, USB devices, Oxalic acid vaporizer, and more.

Complete Premium 1200W MPPT Solar Generator w Inverter, Battery and Wheels, Portable Battery Box

4000W max

Run multiples of any of the devices above, or, high-power devices such as motors, air compressors, well water pumps, washing machines, an air conditioner, portable heaters, circular saw, electric chainsaw, work light, toaster or coffee maker, and more.


We hope this helps.  As always, if you ever have a special request for a custom product, we would love to hear from you!  Support@CuttingEdgePower.com

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