Where is the best place to put my renewable power system?

Where is the best place to put my renewable power system? - Cutting Edge Power

In an earlier blog, I pondered whether to go Solar or Wind for my renewable power system. Regardless of the choice, a site survey is essential. Most areas have a combination of open space and trees. A Wind Turbine or Solar Panels won't work well in a bunch of trees. Low spots don't have much wind either. One thing I've noticed, is that some trees that I thought were far away create a lot of shade in the morning and evening because they are so tall. Some installations compensate for this by raising the turbine or solar panels.  Solar Panels on a roof top are less susceptible to shade from trees. But, some people aren't able to put Solar Panels on the roof because they add too much weight, especially if snow accumulates on them.


The common sense choice is to put everything on a nice sunny hill. A big concern is bringing all that power to the house with copper wiring. Copper wiring is expensive, and can be somewhat challenging to install.Turbine Generators create alternating current (A/C) which uses smaller gauge wire, and then it is converted to DC (using an rectifier) for battery storage. Solar Panels create DC, which normally requires larger gauge wiring, but you can offset that by increasing the voltage. Increasing DC voltage by wiring in series is a completely separate discussion. A combination of solar and wind would seem to be a perfect in case the wind isn't blowing and there's plenty of sun, and vice versa.


I have a good location now up on a hill with plenty of sun, but how do I know if it's really the right spot for the long term? I found this great portable wind turbine that can report on line for me to see if my location is viable. You can find it here: Smart Wind Turbine.


What I really like about it is the on line data reporting 24/7/365. This is the perfect solution to my question - Where is the best place to put my renewable power system?


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