All you need to know about the battery.

All you need to know about the battery. - Cutting Edge Power

Batteries are an important component of any solar/wind generator; batteries are one of the most expensive components of a solar/wind system. Having a battery bank makes your solar/wind power use much practical and convenient.

For a better performance from your system and maximum life out of your batteries, you must choose the size, type, and number of batteries you will use.

The top of solar/wind batteries are sealed lead acid batteries, liquid vented lead acid batteries, gel cell batteries, alkaline batteries for low temperatures, nickel cadmium and nickel iron batteries, 4S 12.8V lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 batteries.

However, the most popular of all of these are the sealed lead acid batteries because they provide the best performance for the lowest cost, with the least maintenance required. These sealed lead acid batteries (deep cycle battery) can be discharged up to 80% of the way and then recharged again. Usually, solar/wind batteries are 12V and 100Ah.

You can put your batteries on the ground, or you can buy one of our expansion boxes, they include terminal blocks and cables to connect up (2) batteries of our 100Ah batteries. Also, they make your batteries portable and they make your solar system looks nice.

If you would like to know how long you can run a battery, it is difficult to know it. It depends about how many devices you will power with it at the same time.

What do I need for Wiring a Cutting Edge Power House Battery box? Do I need an expert help?

Wiring a Cutting Edge Power House Battery box is super simple and you can do it by yourself. You do not need to be a solar/wind expert. All you will need is a solar panel/panels and a deep cycle SLA battery/batteries but any 12V car battery will also work; some of our devices can also be used with 4S 12.8V lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 batteries.

Absolutely no additional wiring is needed!  It includes plug and play solar inputs, and even plug and play wind turbine inputs. It is the perfect companion for off-grid installations at home, industrial use, commercial use, camping, tailgating, parties, events, construction job sites, etc.

How can I connect a second battery? Do I need additional wiring?

Connecting a second battery never was easier than now. All our battery boxes have Post Terminals 12V for the second battery (parallel or series) You will need to get our Parallel/Series kit to connect them because we offer the right size wire that works with all our battery boxes. Connect the red and black wire in the post terminals and battery. That is all.

 How far away from the battery banks can your house be?

As far you want to go. All that you have to do is run a larger wire to the house. What means it will cost more the farther that you decide to go. It doesn't mean thousand of dollars more, just hundreds more unless you're going  1000 feet.

Remember, that is always a large propensity of voltage drop if you don't use the appropriate cable for the extending from the inverter to the battery bank.  

Check our blog post “wiring your batteries in PARALLEL vs. SERIES

Let us know your opinion/experience about batteries.

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