Simple Off-Grid Solar Power System with Rebel Solar Generator

Simple Off-Grid Solar Power System with Rebel Solar Generator - Cutting Edge Power

When we first moved to our new shop, we were concerned about security.  So we needed a way to power our WIFI (with a SIM router), security cameras, hubs and other devices.  A gas generator doesn't really make sense because these devices need to run 24/7 and a gas or diesel generator would be loud and too much daily effort.  It needed to be reliable too.

So we came up with a super cheap way to bring off-grid solar power into the building without having to leave doors or windows unlocked.

This system uses our Rebel Solar Generator connected with a generator cord (L14-30 cord), a power inlet box and some standard household/commercial electrical parts.  

If you're interested in installing something similar in your cabin, RV, home, or shop, it's super easy.  First we drilled a large hole through the brick.  Then we ran a small piece of conduit through the brick. Then we mounted the power inlet box and the 2-gang receptacle box.  Then we ran a very short length of 10 AWG THHN wire - it was only about 2 feet since we were just installing the receptacles on the other side of the wall. 

The power inlet box is very easy to understand and each wire connection is labeled on it.  Once you have all of that installed, it's simply a matter of plugging in the Rebel Solar Generator and switching it on. When we leave solar panels connected, this system requires zero maintenance.  The Rebel is weatherproof, so it stays outside, out of the way, which makes for a nice clean install on the inside of the building. And, you don't need to worry about bringing the solar wires inside the building because they connect directly to the Rebel.

This setup doesn't have an automatic transfer switch, doesn't connect to the grid and it only has one set of receptacle outlets.  But for our application, it was inexpensive and quick to install.  

I hope this helps!  Let us know what you think and if you've ever installed a similar setup.



Parts used in this project:

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  • Claude Swim

    I lived in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, and the power company, SMECO, Southern Maryland Electric Coop, rented/sold to us a hookup to our electric box at the house where I could hook in my generator and manage which devices I wanted to use by manipulating my on/off switches in my house on my electric box.. This way I did not need to have a separate box and just a few plug ins, I had use of my entire electric box. A company in Georgia, GenerLink,, sold the unit. We moved to WV and I have the same setup. This is a very good setup. This is something you could offer as an alternative to what you illustrated above in your article.

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