What do we recommend for camping?

What do we recommend for camping? - Cutting Edge Power

A customer recently asked:

I am looking for solar (and possibly combined with wind) generator when we go camping for up to 2 weeks. We use a Jumping Jack pop up tent trailer so it's not like we are walking the setup into the campsite. It would be used to power 2 Phillip's CPAP machines, a small fan, some LED lights, cell phones, and Bluetooth speaker or rechargeable batteries. 
What system/combination of products do you all recommend to accomplish this task?
Cutting Edge Power:
Camping is one of my favorite pastimes. Some of my best childhood memories are from camping at state parks all over Texas with my dad. Back then, portable wind and solar for camping seemed like just a pipedream. But now, it's extremely easy to get into. In fact, you don't even need a whole lot of different products to complete a system. Basically all you need from us is a solar battery box (sometimes called a solar generator), battery or batteries, and solar panels. 
For this application, I would recommend this battery box:
With the 1000W pure sine inverter and (1) 100Ah battery. This is because CPAP machines will last longer on a pure sine inverter, and a 1000W should be plenty of power to run all of these devices at the same time. 
I think it's perfect for camping because it has off road wheels. Other setups can be heavy. 
I would also recommend at least 2 of these panels:

They're really lightweight and durable. I've taken them camping before and you can hang them up with zip ties or rope easily. 
Let us know, what do yall think would be best for camping? 
Cutting Edge Power 

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