What do you recommend for a small, one room off-grid setup? (Ceiling fan, lights, and charging devices)

What do you recommend for a small, one room off-grid setup? (Ceiling fan, lights, and charging devices) - Cutting Edge Power

Let's look at a simple 12x12 room as an example.
First we need to calculate the power consumption.  Remember, these are ROUGH estimates:
(1) Ceiling fan, 10 hrs per day: 75 watts @ 10 hrs = 750Wh
(6) 8W LED bulbs, 4 hrs per day: 48 watts @ 4 hrs = 192Wh
(2) USB devices charging, 2 hrs per day: 20 watts @ 2 hrs = 40Wh

Total per day = 982Wh

If you have adequate sun for 10hrs per day, you should be able to get by with a single 100W solar panel. (=1,000Wh)

If you have a lot of wind, as a backup, we would recommend (2) of our mini wind turbines to complement the solar panel. (=15W x 2 @ 24 hrs = 720Wh).

It's always recommend that you determine how many watt hours you need, and then multiply that by about two as a safety factor.

As for storage, we always recommend batteries in cases like this because you might not have enough capacity while you're using the power, but then you can build up your power storage at night when the lights are off and the turbines are charging.

In this case we would recommend a 12 Volt size 24-31 deep cycle marine grade battery. If you buy new ones and they are maintained well, they can easily last 5-8 years+.

We have a battery box that would be perfect for this case. It has (2) inputs for our mini wind turbines as well as a solar charge controller with an input for a solar panel.

Having said all that, here are the products I would recommend:

-Solar battery box with (2) mini wind turbine inputs. 
-(2) mini wind turbines. High performance blade option.
-(1) 100W flexible solar panel. (These are way easier to mount than traditional aluminum/glass panels!)

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