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Our Mission

Our Story

Cutting Edge Power Inc. was founded in 2014 by a father and son in Dallas, TX.  Two engineers still in their prime wanted to start a company with two requirements.  True to their engineering spirit, they decided the company had to 1) be related to the latest cutting edge technology, and 2) only design really cool products!

We learned that the true key to success would only come by helping other people achieve their own success.  Thus our conclusion was that Cutting Edge Power must provide Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions to as many customers around the world as possible.  To accomplish this we developed a unique, rigorous design process so that we ALWAYS remain cutting edge.

We are aware that to participate in this new global economy, companies must be lean, extremely knowledgeable in their field, and they must be able to produce the highest quality products.  Also, we believe that American companies can still compete in this economy, and win.  Almost all of our products are assembled or fabricated in USA by an exceptionally capable team of technicians.  We are extremely proud of our team of driven individuals. 

We're here to stay: Cutting Edge Power Inc. has received zero investor funding, zero government grants, zero government loans and we do not use crowdfunding sites to develop products.  We are quickly growing but we are not another fly-by-night startup or foreign owned company.  We develop products with our own US-based engineering team and with feedback from customers like YOU!

Our vision of the future is for everyone in the world to obtain Energy Independence.  In other words, we think electricity should be supplied to a home through an appliance, NOT from a utility company that pollutes the environment or overcharges and abuses their customers month after month after month.  Not only that, but we find it unacceptable for people in developing countries to live without electricity. 

Energy Independence doesn't have to be all about sacrifice, conservation or downsizing.  Cutting Edge Power designs systems to maintain or exceed the daily power requirements we're accustomed to.  There's plenty of sunlight and wind for all of us!