Off Grid Bundles

Maybe you're looking for the biggest solar generator you can get your hands on.  Or maybe you want to power your off-grid home or just want a portable setup for camping or emergency use.  Whatever your off-grid needs are, we've got exactly what you need.  These bundles are pre-engineered with YOU in mind, but you can always customize them to meet your needs.

Natural Disaster Prep Packages

OK So maybe you're not a die-hard environmentalist. But one thing's for sure: When your gas generator runs out of gasoline you'll be in trouble. Nothing can be more reliable than solid-state solar panels and clean power!

Most of these packages feature our popular solar generators. Some of them feature our high-tech BatteryLESS designs. All of the packages will be your go-to when it's time to recharge.

Featured Collection: Cutting Edge Power's Smart Tech

Cutting Edge Power's Smart Tech is our home-grown technology suite, which includes products like our 60V 200A power meter, 400W Smart Turbine and 33W Smart Cyclone Turbine.  These products feature a FREE wifi monitoring app (not Bluetooth), which lets you monitor your power generation from anywhere in the world!

Happy Camper Solar Bundles

These bundles include everything you need to throw your solar generator and solar panels in the truck or car and get going.  Pre-engineered and configured at the factory, these bundles are designed for maximum power with maximum portability.

Solar bundles for the ultimate overlanding adventures

Overlanding is all about the adventure: The sooner you can get back out there, the better.  Sure you might not NEED a solar generator.  But it's basically the Swiss army knife of overlanding and it's a great companion for any trip.

BatteryLESS Solar Bundles

Bypass the expensive and heavy batteries with our BatteryLESS bundles and get going with quite possibly the simplest solar power systems available.  These bundles can be used to power trolling motors, RC drone/vehicle battery chargers, and they can be extremely versatile when weight is a concern.

On/Off Grid Hybrid Systems

Cutting Edge Power Hybrid systems are unique: 

These systems keep your battery maintained while actively sending power back to the grid.  If/when the grid goes down, they're ready to be called into action and provide backup power via the integrated inverter.

The best part is: We make this complex system incredibly simple for you.  Just connect your battery, connect your panels, and plug the grid tie inverters into a standard 3-prong outlet.  

Our Hybrid systems are off-grid systems with the additional components added to send power back to the grid.  They are designed so your solar investment doesn't go to waste.

Wind Turbine Bundles & Wind/Solar Bundles

Why Wind?  More output watts / $ investment, generate power 24/7 and a smaller footprint than solar panels.  Plus they look cool.

These bundles have everything you need to get up and running with wind power.

RV Solar Bundles

All the stuff you need for your RV, camper or van. Life on the road is beautiful. We can help make it sustainable with these solar packages.

Didn't find what you're looking for?  Shoot us an email about custom projects or more info.