12V 300W DUMP LOAD WIND TURBINE GENERATOR Diversion Charge Controller Resistor

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Prevent your wind turbine from freewheeling damage by using these 0.75 ohm brake resistors to slow down the turbine when your battery is fully charged.

The other resistors on the market run dangerously hot and are complicated to install.  Our resistors are designed specifically to run cooler and to be easier to install.

Our premium aluminum housed resistors are FAR SUPERIOR to the traditional round cylindrical red, pink, green, etc resistors on the market.  Here's why:

  • In an open air environment, with no fans*:
    • Our resistors run at 130-140°C (266-284°F). 
    • Traditional ceramic round resistors: 200-240°C (392-464°F)
  • Pre-wired for quick installation.  Supplied with .162" metal ring terminals that will fit a #8-32 screw.
  • High temperature wire fiberglass insulated oven wire rated for 500°C saves time for a quick install.  Wire length: 13"
  • Aluminum extruded housing with heat sink fins for maximum heat dissipation.

Dump load resistors can be dangerous and cause fires if not installed or maintained properly.  Always mount them on a metal or concrete (non-flammable) surface, never on a wood or drywall surface.  Interesting fact: The minimum temperature needed to ignite wood is 180°C or 356°F.

We recommend multiplying your wind turbine's capacity by 2 in order to get the dump load resistor capacity.  For example: If you have a 450W wind turbine, 450 x 2 = 900W of required resistor capacity (or, 3 resistors).

Sizing chart:

 Charge controller dump voltage (VDC) Power dissipation (W)
12.0 192.0
12.5 208.3
13.0 225.3
13.5 243.0
14.0 261.3
14.5 280.3
15.0 300.0


 Our technical English/Spanish support is always here to help you! 

*Testing on both resistor types was done at 25°C (77°F) ambient.  In both cases battery voltage was 12.1V.  This test was performed in a controlled environment.  Your results may vary and Cutting Edge Power Inc. does not suggest or guarantee your temperatures will match these values exactly as there are many variables that are different in each installation.