3 Phase AC Wind Turbine Generator Voltage Meter Voltmeter

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Easily and accurately pinpoint the cause of a disabled turbine or reduced wind turbine output with our all-new 3 phase voltmeter.  This device is a huge time saver for small wind turbine troubleshooting.  Fully digital and automatic, this device is accurate to +/- 2%.  This voltmeter can be permanently installed with the predrilled mounting holes, or it can be thrown in your toolbox for portable use.

  • Identify "missing legs" in your 3-wire 3 phase wind turbine wiring.
  • Identify uneven wind turbine output, indicating a need for maintenance.
  • Identify the wind turbine's voltage upstream from the rectifier instead of blindly replacing a rectifier.
  • Requires a standard household 110/120V AC power source.
  • Post terminal connections for fast or permanent wire termination.



 Measurement type (application):

3 Phase wind turbines, wind generators, hydro turbines, and other low voltage renewable energy devices. 


Measurement range: 0-300V AC
Refresh rate:
Accuracy: +/- 2%
Operating temperature range: -10C to 65C



Typical troubleshooting use cases:

  • No wind turbine output
  • Lower than usual wind turbine output
  • Excessive voltage drop from turbine to electrical panel
  • Identifying a damaged or defective rectifier
  • Identifying damaged or defective wire connectors