Cutting Edge Power Constructor Solar Generator for Contractors and Professional-grade Construction jobs outdoors, Made in USA

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Cutting Edge Power’s Constructor Solar Generator is designed to be your go-to sidekick on the jobsite!


The Constructor is specifically designed to replace a gas generator for professional contractors, and has the following advantages over gas generators:

  • More reliable: Fully automated: No start-ups, No fill-ups
  • No regular maintenance: No oil changes, no filter changes, and no fuel additives.   No moving mechanical parts means less things to break.
  • Extreme battery technology: The Constructor is designed to power a 1HP air compressor for up to 12 hours per charge.*
  • Ready to abuse: Like you, the Constructor is no stranger to hard work.  It’s waterproof, shock proof and capable of running in extreme high and low temperatures.

We made the Constructor so heavy duty that it’s the only member of our solar generator family to wear the “Industrial Strength” badge.  Our Industrial Strength badge includes a line of heavy duty welded steel wind turbine and solar panel mounting systems.  All of our solar generators, including the Constructor, are made in USA.

Why would I want a solar generator instead of a gas generator?

  • Generator bans: California’s generator ban begins 2024.  Being quick to adopt new technology will keep you up to date and ready for changes so you can keep your business running with minimal rushing at the last minute.
  • No maintenance: Paired with solar panels, Constructor Solar Generator’s maintenance is so low that you might not even think about it for months at a time.  If anything ever goes wrong, our solar generators are designed to be easily repaired – like cars were in the old days.
  • Solar generators can be used indoors.  There’s no carbon monoxide to worry about.  No more running long extension cords just to keep the generator outside.
  • It’s quiet: That doesn’t mean you have to turn the music down though!   During operation the only noise you can hear from the Constructor is the cooling fans running.
  • Internal combustion is on the way out.  It’s inevitable that lithium battery technology will replace gas motors, and it already has in things like cars, trucks, scooters, and lawn equipment. 

The Constructor is plug and play and includes the battery already installed.  It also includes a wall charger capable of charging the solar generator overnight.

Solar generators are an excellent investment for hurricane / natural disaster preparation, backup power for your home, camping, tailgating, medical devices, refrigerators, air conditioners, construction equipment and tools, CPAP machines and more.  Future maintenance is easy with simple hand tools and off-the-shelf parts, unlike some solar generators that are worthless if one component fails.  Designed in America and professionally wired in Houston, TX so you can rest assured you’ll have the best performing solar generator available.  

Cutting Edge Power lithium battery packs are welded, assembled and tested in Houston, TX.   Even better, our lithium batteries are factory-installed when purchased with a solar generator.  Our lithium batteries provide about +450% lifetime and +100% run time over traditional lead acid batteries.  Plus, they’re about half the size. 

Hardware Features:

  • Large, sturdy wheels for use on smooth surfaces or off-road.  Extendable metal handle for ease when rolling.  
  • Industrial strength: designed for life on the construction jobsite.
  • Temperature controlled fan keeps things cool even in the summer heat. 
  • Pre-wired and ready to go: Plug your solar panels directly into the pre-wired solar panel connectors.  No crimping, splicing, or extra wiring needed.
  • Critical connections made with the best marine grade 200°C rated silicone insulated wire we can find, and crimped or soldered in Houston, TX.
  • Locking mechanism allows padlock to prevent theft / vandalism.


Software features:

  • 3000W Pure sine inverter with 6000W surge rating
  • Solar charging up to 960W
  • 10 separate BMS controllers.  Battery Management Systems are critical for lithium batteries and they ensure the safety and performance is reliable and efficient.  
  • Automatic temperature compensation for adapting in cold or hot ambient temperatures.



Battery chemistry:

7S Lithium 

Solar charge controller technology:


Maximum solar panel input open circuit voltage (VOC rating on your solar panel label):

50V DC

Maximum solar panel input power:

(Let us know if you need more solar input capacity)

40A / 960W 

Solar charge controller power consumption at idle:


Inverter rated power output:

3000W Continuous / 6000W Surge          

Pure Sine

Input ports:

(1) Solar panel connector pair

(1) Wall charger input

Output ports:

(2) 110/120VAC/1PH/60HZ 3-prong outlet, 15A each

Battery capacity:

5,760Wh (5.76 kWh)

Wall charger: 


Charge time from 0% to full: 

16.5 hours

Charge time from 30% to full:

11.5 hours

Charge time from 50% to full:

8 hours

Temperature range:

32°F~131°F (0°C~55°C)

Outside dimensions:

20-3/4” L x 16-1/4” W x 22-1/2” H


96 lbs


Complete solar generator: 1 year

Solar charge controller: 3 years

Lithium Battery: 3 years

Country of origin:

Made in USA with foreign and domestic parts


Other applications:

  • Will run a 120V welding machine like the Lincoln 210MP for approximately 3 hours of arc time on a single charge. 
  • Will run a 1500W electric heater for approximately 3.5 hours on a single charge. 
  • Will run an 11.5amp pressure washer for 6 hours on a single charge. 


*Calculated based on 800W with a continuous duty cycle of 50% for 12 hours.