Battery wiring kit for bare modules for Base Model, Fortress, Ecotrekker

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This kit is designed to be added to bare module lithium battery orders.  It allows our bare module batteries to be easily added to any Cutting Edge Power Solar Generator.  Works only with bare modules (not enclosed batteries) and works with 12V and 24V modules.

Other methods may be used to connect bare module batteries but this kit minimizes arcing and voltage drop.

Instructions: 1. Use the phillips screw terminals to connect the female connector to your battery as shown.  2. Connect the opposite wires to your solar generator's terminal block.  3. Plug in the green and yellow connector first, then the solid yellow connector.


  • Length: 16"
  • Wire gauge: 2 x 10AWG silicone insulated (200C rated)
  • Current rating: 100A max (It's ok to parallel these kits for more amps)
  • Connector type: Amass brand XT-90 and XT-90S