1100W (600W On Grid + 500W Off Grid) Hybrid Solar Generator Powerhouse MPPT and Pure Sine Battery Box, USB, 12V

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Don’t waste your solar panels with an off-grid system! 

Cutting Edge Power's simple solution for today's solar power generation. 

 How does it work?

  1. Connect your battery and solar panels (not included). Then plug the battery box into your 110/120V wall outlet.  Your work is done here.  Everything else is autonomous!
  2. The hybrid battery box’s first priority is charging your battery. It will only charge until the battery reaches maximum voltage (Typ 13.0V, adjustable).
  3. Once the battery is full, all extra power will be sent back to the grid.
  4. The battery charge voltage will be maintained and ready to go.
  5. If/When you lose the grid connection, the on-grid inverter will be turned off, and the off-grid inverter can be used.


  • Don’t waste your solar panels with an off-grid system:
    • Have power storage for emergencies, camping, tailgating, etc AND have the ability to send power back to the grid when you’re at home.
  • Plug and Play, no splicing, crimping, or soldering required. 
    • 3 prong wall outlet connector
    • 5/16” battery ring terminal connectors
  • Perfect for on-grid or off-grid use at home, industrial use, commercial use, tailgating, camping, emergency power outages, etc.
  • Premium components like 200°C silicone insulated wire, up to 99% efficiency MPPT charge controller, and rugged enclosure.
  • Built-in short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, and over-load protection.
  • Assembled in USA with technical support in USA.



Maximum on-grid power output: 600W @ 120VAC

  • Plug into wall outlet

Maximum off-grid power output: 500W @ 120VAC

  • (2) 3 prong outlets
  • (4) smart USB ports (0-2.4A)

Solar panel input power: 120W minimum

Solar panel input voltage range:

  • 12V version: 12-23VDC
  • 24V version: 24-46VDC

Battery nominal voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC

Battery requirement: Deep Cycle Lead Acid, AGM, GEL, Lithium

Maximum battery charge (MPPT charge controller): 100A DC (about 1200W) / (20A DC for lithium nickel oxide)

Working temperature: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)

Grid power voltage requirement: 90-140VAC (Typ 110-125 VAC), automatically detected

Grid power frequency requirement: Typical 48-62Hz, automatically detected

Terms used in this listing:

Grid: When we refer to the grid, we are referring to the transmission system for electricity in America.  Specifically, residential/commercial 120VAC/1PH/60HZ connections.  This product includes a pure sine 48-62HZ grid tie inverter.  It may work in other countries such as Canada, Mexico, South America, and Europe, but it has not been tested in these regions.

Cutting Edge Power does not make any claims or guarantees regarding power sent back to the grid or a reduced electric bill.  Sending power back to the grid is different with every electric provider.  In most cases, the relatively small amount of power “sent back” to the grid will in fact be consumed within the same residence, thus, never actually be sent to the grid.  Meaning, your electric bill should go down.  If you intend to sell power back to your electric provider, you must contact them as there are many rules and regulations and Cutting Edge Power cannot be responsible for knowing all the regulations in every jurisdiction.


  • How many solar panels do I need to use this product?

You will need at least 120W of solar power.  There is no maximum.

  • Can you build a custom box with different inverters?

Yes, contact us at

  • Will this work with lithium ion or lithium iron phosphate batteries?

Lithium iron phosphate, LiFePO4, yes.  

Our technical English/Spanish support is always here to help you!

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