Solar Panel Weatherproof Cable Wire Entry Housing, w Connectors, Vertical 4 Port

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Ideal for routing cables while mounting solar panels on vehicles, boats, roofs, buildings, sheds, etc. 


  • Solar panel connectors pre-assembled, pre-wired and ready to use
  • 1/8" thick heavy duty UV resistant housing, thicker than all equivalent housings available.
  • Thick silicone o-rings seal better and last longer than typical nitrile rubber gaskets
  • Gasket channel allows better adhesion and a dedicated place for adhesive for a perfect seal.
  • Heavy duty 10 AWG copper THHN wire with nylon jacket for easy routing, 5FT (5+5+5+5 = 20FT total)
  • Easy to use and removable Wago connectors for quick wire termination.
  • 3/16" thick flange includes (4) pilot hole indentions for screws, if needed.
  • Assembled in USA, housing made in USA