CEP Trailblazer Complete Premium Solar/Wind Generator, up to 10,000W Inverter, w Batteries, Wheels, Portable Solar Battery Box

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Cutting Edge Power’s Trailblazer Solar Generator is perfect for RVs, off roading, camping, home backup power, going to the beach, or doing whatever YOU DO and cranking out some serious power 

Featuring a plug and play concept, Cutting Edge Power Solar Generators are the perfect companion for off-grid power at home, camping, tailgating, parties, events, construction job sites, road trips, overlanding, etc. 

The Trailblazer’s inverter and charge controller are mounted inside which means there’s no exposed wiring and the sensitive components are protected from most dust and some water.  This makes it great for throwing in the back of a truck, pulling down small hiking trails and any other portable or permanent applications.

Being able to supply your own battery, or use our battery makes this solar generator one of the best and least expensive options on the market.  Cutting Edge Power solar generators are completely modular with connections to add more batteries in the future. 

Solar generators are an excellent investment for hurricane / natural disaster preparation, backup power for your home, camping, tailgating, medical devices, refrigerators, air conditioners, construction equipment and tools, CPAP machines and more.  Future maintenance is easy with simple hand tools and off-the-shelf parts, unlike some solar generators that are worthless if one component fails.  Designed in America and professionally wired in Houston, TX so you can rest assured you’ll have the best performing solar generator available. 

Featuring our new high performance solar charge controller, these solar generators can be used with virtually any 12V battery on earth.  Installing your own batteries is super easy: Just connect the supplied 5/16” ring terminal wires to your battery’s posts. 

Cutting Edge Power lithium battery packs are welded, assembled and tested in Houston, TX.  Even better, our lithium batteries are factory-installed when purchased with a solar generator.  Our lithium batteries provide about +450% lifetime and +100% run time over traditional lead acid batteries.  Plus, they’re about half the size.

Hardware Features:

  • Large, sturdy wheels for use on smooth surfaces or off-road.  Extendable metal handle for ease when rolling.  Perfect for camping and outdoor use (weather permitting).
  • Solar charge controller protected behind clear window which allows you to see voltage and charging status even when the box is closed. Temperature controlled fan keeps charge controller cool even in the summer heat.
  • Pre-wired and ready to go: 5/16" ring battery terminals fit most batteries.
  • Pre-wired and ready to go: Plug your solar panels directly into the pre-wired solar panel connectors.  No crimping, splicing, or extra wiring needed.
  • Tons of connections – More plugs, outlets and connections than most of our other solar generators.
  • Totally modular:
    • Exterior M6 post terminals for connecting as many additional batteries as you need.
    • Easily add multiple solar panels to speed up charging.
    • Car charger and faster wall chargers available for purchase.
    • Internal terminal block with extra ports for connecting your own additional 12V devices.
  • Critical connections made with the best marine grade 200°C rated silicone insulated wire we can find, and crimped or soldered in Houston, TX.
  • Central locking mechanism allows padlock to prevent theft / vandalism.


Software Features:

  • Automatic battery recognition for 12/24V Flooded, AGM and GEL batteries.  Lithium batteries can be manually set.
  • Modern and Efficient 3-stage PWM charging: equalize, boost and float (for Flooded, AGM and GEL).  2-Stage user friendly settings for lithium batteries.
  • Simple menus with a Large Back-lit LCD display. The display shows system status, solar input current, solar input voltage, battery voltage, and battery state of charge (%).  The menu rotates through these parameters automatically, so a wireless camera can be used to remotely monitor them.
  • Temperature compensation for better battery charging in cold or hot ambient temperatures.
  • All of the industry standard protections like reverse solar polarity protection, reverse battery polarity protection, battery over-discharge, battery over-voltage, and a 30A circuit breaker on the 12V sockets.
  • Supported by Cutting Edge Power, headquartered in the USA, with experienced technical support and a large array of accessories on our website.


Additional Features (Wind & Solar version):

  • Easy wind turbine connection with 3 phase AC wind turbine input via quick reusable connectors.
  • Built-in wind turbine brake to stop/slow the blades when raising or lowering your turbine
  • 3 phase AC to 12V DC rectifier for charging your 12V battery
  • Temperature controlled high-flow fans for autonomous operation of up to a 400W wind turbine.  Need more wind input?  Check out our Rebel Solar Generator.




Housing size

Inverter selected

Number of 100Ah lithium Cutting Edge Power batteries that can fit (Factory installed)

Number of 100Ah SLA Batteries that can fit

Outside dimensions:

24-1/4" L x 15" W x 16-1/2" H


Inside (Not including inverter):

20-1/2" L x 12-3/8" W x 9-1/2" H



















Outside dimensions:

37-1/2” L x 23” W x 23-1/2” H


Inside (Not including inverter):

33-1/2" L x 18-1/4" W x 19-1/4" H











Lithium batteries are factory installed. SLA batteries ship separately due to the weight.  If needed, our Expansion Box can accommodate additional batteries.

Battery chemistry compatibility:

Deep Cycle Lead Acid

Flooded Lead Acid

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)



Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

3S Lithium Nickel Cobalt

(A 12V automotive starting battery will function, but run times will not be ideal)

Solar charge controller technology:


Maximum solar panel input open circuit voltage (VOC rating on your solar panel label):

55V DC

Maximum solar panel input working voltage (VMP rating on your solar panel label):

40V DC

Maximum solar panel input power:

30A / 450W

Solar charge controller power consumption at idle:


Inverter rated power output:

Inverter watts refers to the maximum continuous output.  Max surge output is 2 x the continuous rating.               

Input ports:

(1)   Solar panel connector pair

(1) Wall/car charger input

(1) 12V Pair input/output post terminals for connecting external batteries or devices

Output ports:

Household 110/120VAC / 1PH / 60 HZ 3-prong outlet (If equipped with inverter)


12V socket, 30A (360W max output)

12V Pair input/output post terminals for connecting external batteries or devices

Temperature range:

-4°F~131°F (-20°C~55°C)


Complete solar generator: 1 year

Solar charge controller: 2 years

Lithium Battery (If equipped): 3 years


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