CEP V2X Off-grid Vehicle to Home package for Rebel Solar Generator

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The Cutting Edge Power V2X package revolutionizes your relationship with AC home power! 


Paired with the Rebel Solar Generator + V2X, your EV can provide 120V/240V AC power anywhere, including camping, construction jobsites, or to power your home when the power goes out.

Our V2X package allows Electric Vehicles (EVs) to power a home (V2H) or building. Your EV can be charged and used normally, and also temporarily power your home or other devices when the grid has failed (e.g. due to a natural disaster).  The V2X package requires a Rebel Solar Generator to be purchased at the same time as it will be installed inside the Rebel.  It cannot be added to the Rebel at a later time.

The V2X package does require the installation of an included car-cable onto the high voltage DC ‘traction’ battery by a trained and experienced EV mechanic (typically 1-2 hours labor). The trained mechanic is needed for cable installation to ensure safety because the EV traction battery has high voltages that are dangerous and life-threatening. Once the cable is installed, the customer can easily connect/disconnect the Rebel Solar Generator.

Connecting your EV’s battery to the Rebel Solar Generator instantly allows you to take advantage of the battery’s full capacity.   This means you will save potentially $20,665+* compared to purchasing dedicated lithium batteries.  However, if you intend to use the Rebel Solar Generator without your EV, it must have at least one of our lithium batteries.   If you intend to use solar charging, you will also need at least one of our lithium batteries.  

The V2X package may or may not void your vehicle’s warranty.  Cutting Edge Power is not responsible for incorrect installation of this product.  

Future-proof your home with the V2X package and never have to worry about grid outages again!

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Input Voltage (EV traction battery voltage, verify with manufacturer):

200-400V DC

Efficiency (EV to home):


Output power:

Limited to 2000W continuous per V2X package


EV reverse polarity: No

EV under-voltage protection: Yes


41 lbs

Note: This product requires 6 weeks lead time in addition to the standard Rebel Solar Generator lead time.

*When compared with a 2022 Nissan Leaf 40KWh battery.