WC101 120W Wall charger, Smart 10A Battery charger for lead acid, GEL, AGM, SLA and Lithium 3S (12.6V)

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Charge and maintain any AGM, GEL, SLA, flooded or 3S Lithium 12V or 24V battery. This charger is equipped with a digital LCD screen that displays the charging status and battery status with easy-to-understand icons. This type of charger can automatically identify the battery without manually entering the settings such as battery type and size. Maximum current: 12V 10A, 24V 5A.The lead-acid battery automatically enters floating charge state when fully charged, can well protect the battery loss.

Charges one of our 3S 1200Wh batteries from dead to full in 10 hours

    Automatic Battery charger 4-Step charging program
    1:Desulfation: car battery charger performs desulfation to dissolve any detected sulfuric acid crystals growing on battery lead plates.

    2:Bulk Charging Mode: portable battery charger charges the battery at a constant current to allow the voltage to rise, recharging ~80% of the battery capacity.

    3:Absorption Mode: once the battery voltage reaches 14.4V (for 12V batteries), the charger voltage is maintained at this level, allowing the battery current to reduce.

    4:Float Mode: the car charger pulse charges the battery at 13.5V, to maintain the full charged status of the battery without overcharging it.

    Charge Current: 12V 10A/ 24V 5A
    Input Voltage: 110-250V 50/60Hz
    Output Voltage: 12V/24V
    Size: 6.89*5.43*2.36 inch
    Length of cable: 47.2 inch+ 23.6 inch
    Weight : 0.7KG