Our Story

Cutting Edge Power was founded in 2014 in Dallas, TX. We noticed the vast majority of people genuinely wanted to improve our planet and embrace this cool new technology (solar and wind power), but no one knew how. Solar and wind power systems were still too complicated and dominated by the utility-scale industry. There were no solar or wind products for normal people like ourselves. We developed a unique, rigorous design process to keep up with record-breaking industry growth, which spawned our name:

Cutting Edge Power

The mission was clear: To provide innovative, independent,
and sustainable power in every home and business on earth.

Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions

We believe that American companies can still compete in this economy, and win. With a heavy emphasis on engineering, Cutting Edge Power has now grown to be a leader in our industry. Almost all of our products are assembled or fabricated in USA.

We're here to stay: We are quickly growing but we are not another fly-by-night startup or foreign owned company. We develop products with our own US-based engineering team and with feedback from customers like YOU!

Energy Independence doesn't have to be all about sacrifice, conservation or downsizing: Cutting Edge Power designs systems to maintain or exceed the daily power requirements we're accustomed to. There's plenty of sunlight and wind for all of us!

Our Shop

Our shop is located in a tranquil area of Missouri City, TX.  The shop and break areas have tons of windows for natural lighting.  The back of the building overlooks a pond with fountains and a small forest.

Made in USA

We're proud to be able to continue growing USA-manufacturing here in our Houston area especially in this exciting new energy industry!

Cutting Edge Power

8570 Sienna Springs Blvd, Suite C

Missouri City, TX 77459

We’re here to save you time and money!

Of course you’re capable of building your own solar generator or other solar and wind products. But we provide value to you by doing the tedious things like calculating wire size, negotiating wholesale pricing on components, checking compatibilities of components and investing in tooling to help us build quickly.

The bottom line is: We’re here to save you time and money!

Our Projects

Electric Boat

Cutting Edge Power's solar boat uses solar and our marine grade lithium batteries to power twin 1000W outboard motors

Check it out