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Sistema Solar Sin Baterías

Mini Wind Turbine with Tower 

400W Wind Turbine with Truck Mount Tower

Wiring your batteries in parallel will not change the voltage. However, it will increase your run time, or Amp hours (Ah) of your battery bank. For example...

Wiring your batteries in series will increase the voltage. It’s a simple calculation of just adding the voltage of each battery. For example,..

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Camping is one of my favorite pastimes. Some of my best childhood memories are from camping at state parks all over Texas with my dad. Back then, portable wind and solar for camping seemed like just a pipe-dream. But now, it's extremely easy to get into. In fact, you don't even need a whole lot of different products to complete a system...

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Solar Charge Controllers

What are the differences between them and DOES IT REALLY MATTER?

Long story short, as long as you stick with a PWM or MPPT charge controller, you probably don’t need to dive into all the details.
However, if you love comparing spec sheets, or you just want to make the best decision for your solar energy system...

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What are the differences all Solar Charge Controllers?

Is solar Power safe?

... we'll break it down into multiple parts: solar panel failure, wiring failure, component failure, failsafes, and risk management.

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Solar Panel Array

Free Solar Panels: Too good to be true, or am I missing out?

...there are a few great reasons why you may be eligible to get literally FREE solar panels. It's truly a combination of a little bit of luck, some hard work, and some fairly straight forward math.

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What devices can a Solar Generator run?

A great place to star building your solar or wind system, is to determine the capacity your system will need to be. - What appliances will you be running? - What are the appliances' wattage consumption?

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Enjoy the power of the sun without the expense and complexity of batteries.

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Power Home Solar Generator the Perfect Companion For Off-Grid Installations

Our Cutting Edge Power Solar Generators are featuring a plug and play concept, Cutting Edge Power premium solar generators are the perfect companion for off-grid installations at home, industrial use, commercial use, camping, tailgating, parties, events, construction job sites, etc.

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You Won’t Be Left In The Dark When The Sun Goes Down.

Investing in solar panels for your home, farm, company, or outdoor activities… can be a fantastic decision. First, you need to do a little research and learn what you are getting into before purchasing it.
What will happen when there is no sun out? No sun, no power?
You will be able to get energy and there are two ways to generate energy when there is no sun: by storing solar energy in a battery bank, or by tapping into the grid.

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What do you recommend for a small, one room off-grid setup? (Ceiling fan, lights, and charging devices)

- First we need to calculate the power consumption...
- It's always recommend that you determine how many watt hours you need, and then multiply that by about two as a safety factor...

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Are there any safety or legal issues with being grid tied?

There are many ways to backfeed power to the grid, especially with renewable energy. You are correct that in some cases it can be dangerous and illegal....

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How fast can a CEP mini wind turbine charge my battery?

It really comes down to 2 major things to calculate battery charge times... 

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Why does our Mini Wind Turbine not need a charge controller?

It depends on the wind speed and the size of your battery... 

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Mini wind turbine blade types and applications

Generally, if you have more blades, your turbine will work in lower wind speeds...

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Wind requirements for a CEP Mini Wind Turbine

Here are some tips for getting the most power out of your wind turbine: ...

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This is a common question we get and for a good reason. Dump load resistors can be confusing, especially with all of the bold sales claims out there. We'll try to explain in detail. Typically with a 12 volt battery system with solar panels a dump load resistor isn't necessary. That's one of the good things about solar panels - when they're disconnected they stop producing power.

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