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Cutting Edge Power's Electric Boat

Always sure to turn heads wherever it goes, Cutting Edge Power's all-electric boat is very unique! �This project has helped us develop many of our battery and marine-grade products.�

At Cutting Edge Power, we're passionate about the future of boating, and that's why we've created our very own electric boat using the latest and greatest electric boat products available on the market today. Now, we're excited to share these products with you so that you can electrify your own boating experience.

Our electric boat products are designed to provide the most efficient and reliable power possible. From powerful electric motors to high-capacity batteries, we have everything you need to make the switch to electric boating.

We offer a range of electric boat products, including electric motors, lithium batteries, solar panels, charge controllers, and more. All of our products are built to the highest quality standards and are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. We only carry products that we've tested and trust, so you can be confident in your purchase.

Our electric boat motors provide reliable power and speed, allowing you to navigate even the roughest waters with ease. Our lithium batteries offer high capacity and long life, providing plenty of power for extended trips on the water. And our solar panels and charge controllers allow you to harness the power of the sun to keep your batteries topped up and ready to go.

At Cutting Edge Power, we're committed to helping you power the future of boating with the latest and greatest electric boat products. Browse our selection today and discover how easy it can be to make the switch to electric boating.

Below are some notable features:

-Dual 1000W all-electric outboard motors (shown in top photo with only one)
-50W Solar panel to charge the 12V battery throughout the week.
-1x 1200Wh 3S (12V) Battery for lights, radio, and auxiliary power.
-8x 1200Wh 14S (48V) Cutting Edge Power lithium batteries provide up to 4 hours of driving.

The goal of this project is to see how fast we can get the top speed up to!

Waterproof Lithium Battery 1200Wh for Solar Generators, Boats, Trolling Motors, Li Ion, Made in USA Solar Panel Weatherproof Cable Wire Entry Housing, 5th Gen, Made in USA 50W 18V / 12V Flexible Solar Panel, Monocrystalline Silicon Cells CEP220 Waterproof Solar Charge Controller 20A for Lead Acid, SLA/AGM, and Lithium Batteries WC04114S: 230W Wall charger, Smart 4A charger for Lithium 14S 58.8V (48V nominal) Batteries

Discover the latest and greatest electric boat products used by Cutting Edge Power in our very own electric boat. From motors to batteries, we have everything you need to electrify your boating experience.

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