Meet our team!

We're a team of creative, fast-paced and detail-oriented technicians and engineers. Most of our team in Houston are what we call Makers. Makers are well-versed in a wide range of processes including 3D printing, 3D CAD design, CNC 2D cutters, ultrasonic cutters, electrical design and wiring, mechanical design and assembly, welding, performance testing and many other aspects of manufacturing and design.

Being knowledgeable and experienced in these technologies enables us to quickly produce special tooling like jigs, templates or brackets to build unique products to your specifications. We’ve even designed and built our own battery welding machine specifically to achieve our high standards.

Exceptional craftsmanship begins with a love for one's work.

Cutting Edge Power is a fun place to work and we love what we do!

CEO & Maker
Bobby Cardona

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Bobby learned many leadership and outdoor life skills while he acheived the rank of Eagle Scout in the BSA. Bobby has a B.S. of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. You can tell it's his passion because he's always improving engineering designs and understanding how they work! On the weekends Bobby enjoys building and flying RC planes, working on the CEP boat, and planning the next backpacking trip!

Bobby Cardona hiking in Cocora valley (Salento), Colombia
Climate Activist
Jim Cardona

Definitely the coolest member of our team (And Bobby's dad), Jim brings multiple career's worth of experience to Cutting Edge Power. Jim has the unique ability of being able to get highly detailed and technical in both mechanical, electrical & software designs, but also keep an overall "big picture" perspective that we need in strategy development. Jim enjoys Planting Trees, Oak and Pecan, but especially Crape Myrtles, as well as Hiking, camping, and identifying plants.

Random Fun Fact: I'm currently studying software development to monitor renewable energy power.

President & Maker
Erika Cardona

Married to Bobby Cardona, Eri is an extraordinary example of the type of hard-working immigrants that defined the backbone of our country. Eri's bachelor's degree in Teaching brings a refreshing perspective to Cutting Edge Power. Since Eri joined the team, she has implemented clear and concise organization that's been critical to our growth! Eri's hobbies include 3D printing, cooking, spoiling her dogs, and reading about the latest trends in E-commerce, fashion and photography.

VP of Sales
Sonia Suárez

Impressively well-read and knowledgable of the solar & wind industry, Sonia has been a key player in the growth of Cutting Edge Power! Sonia holds a bachelor's degree in Teaching where she met Eri and they instantly formed a lifelong friendship bond. Sonia enjoys working from home and her hobbies include spending time with her parents,
gardening, cooking, and lettering.

Random Fun Fact: After Sonia hiked the Piedra del Peñol in Guatape, Colombia with Eri, she couldn't feel her legs. It was the same feeling as when she just woke up from anesthesia after her leg surgery! 😂


Detail-oriented and always reliable, Diana is the glue that holds us together. She enjoys spending time with family and her dog "Nutella"!

Terri Cardona

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Director of Operatons & Maker

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