Current Lead Times

To our valued customers,


Please note the current lead times for our items below.  These lead times are a result of insisting on the best quality parts and the best build quality for our customers.  Parts and build quality are rejected if they don’t meet our standards, which could cause lead times to vary.


While we always strive to ship earlier, we prefer to post conservative estimates so there are no disappointing surprises.  Please keep in mind, we’re doing our best to produce the highest quality product for our customers. 


Lead times [Updated: 3/19/2020]


Lead time to ship (handling time)

Mini Wind Turbines, Assembled in USA

2-3 business days

Smart Turbines, Assembled in USA

 6-8 business days

Cutting Edge Power Industrial Strength items (Steel solar panel mounts, wind turbine bases, etc.), Welded in USA from USA steel

5-10 business days

Battery Boxes, Assembled in USA

4-10 business days

Small items (replacement items, spare components, 12V Wind Turbine Charge Controller, PWM 120W Charge Controller,  MC4 USB Adapter, Generators, etc.)

1-2 business days

Smart Tech Power Meter, Assembled in USA

6-8 business days