10-Pack of 12V 100Ah (1200Wh) Interstate AGM (VRLA) Deep Cycle Battery

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Way better quality, Interstate AGM batteries last up to 30% longer than the typical universal SLA batteries as shown in the charts below:

• Long life for deep discharge uses
• Ideal for applications using major capacity
prior to recharging
• Depth of discharge should be between 50%
& 80% and recharged as soon as possible
• Flexibility of mounting orientation
• VRLA technology to eliminate spills and overpressurization
• Maintenance-free


Technical Specifications
Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah (20 Hr Rate to 1.75V/cell)

Physical Specifications
Length 306mm 12.04in
Width 168mm 6.61in
Height 210mm 8.27in
Height w/Terminal 215mm 8.46in
Weight (+/- 5%) 28.30 Kg 62.39 lbs
Case Material ABS
Charging Specifications
Float 13.5V~13.8V
Cycle 14.4V~14.8V
Max. Charge Current 27A

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