1000W 1KW Solar Panel to 12V Solar Generator, BatteryLESS, No Battery Required, 60A Breaker, with 500W Inverter

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Sometimes you don't need batteries.

The new Cutting Edge Power BatteryLESS solar generators pack a punch, and they do so without ever needing a battery.  When connected to solar panels, this solar converter can power any 12V electrical device with no batteries. 

This device is heavy duty and recommended for marine and commercial environments.  

  • Includes installed 500W mod sine inverter
  • Equipped with a dedicated 12V 60A breaker for big trolling motors, refrigerators, power tools, etc. (Perfect for construction jobsites!)
  • Simple: No charge controller needed!
  • Super lightweight and rugged solid state design makes it ultra-portable
  • Reliable, with no battery to replace
  • Can work with any 12VDC to 120VAC inverter
  • Plug and play with solar panel connectors
  • Works with almost any solar panel(s) or combination of panels. 

    It features standard solar panel connector inputs and a 12V 30A cigarette socket output and a 12V 60A ring terminal output.  Additional solar panels can be wired in parallel to increase capacity.  No batteries are included or required to operate the adapter, making it an ultimate portable power device.  Perfect for camping, tailgating, construction work, remote agriculture, etc.

    Our technical English/Spanish support is always here to help you!


    Don’t forget, we also offer a solar panel adapter with USB outputs.

    Also usable with emu, car audio, LED strip lights, monitoring system, trolling motors, electronic systems and DIY etc.


    • Voltage Input: 18-36 VDC
    • Maximum output power: 1000W
    • Input Connector Type: Solar Panel Connector
    • Power Output: 12V DC regulated
      • 12VDC Cigarette Plug
      • 12VDC 5/16" ring terminal connection
    • Power Output: 120VAC/1PH/60HZ modified sine, 500W
    • Efficiency: up to 95%
    • Protection: Over-load, Over-current, Over-temperature, Short-circuit, Over-voltage.
    • Environmental protection: Solid state design: Shock proof, dust resistant
    • Assembled and quality checked in USA


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