1000W on Grid Tie Power Inverter AC 110V for 3 Phase Wind turbine

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The network connection inverter can transfer wind power from wind generators directly into the home network without using extra equipment. It can be connected to any output (conventional network) in the home. The grid & shy; The loop inverter controls the phase and frequency and voltage of the energy generated by the wind generator. It produces a pure sine wave and matches that of the grid. This grid & shy model; tie is designed for wind turbines that emit 3 phases of AC voltage. It can maintain the rotating turbine of the wind turbine and keep the wind turbine voltage always in the range of the nominal range of the grid connection inverter. It also has a high voltage protection function, when the wind is too big,


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In the Inverter Terminal Panel, there are 5 terminals, 3 terminals will be connected to the AC output from the wind turbine, and 2 black terminals will be connected to dump load resistors. There are 4 LED indicators, 3 green indicators and 1 red indicator, 3 green LED indicators will start the cycle from left to right when the network and the AC input supply are detected This indicates that the inverter is operating in normal conditions. The pace of cycling depends on the amount of energy that is being emitted from the wind turbine. The more output power, the faster the rate. If an AC grid is not detected, the red LED will be on, the inverter does not turn off, this is called “Island protection”.

EU plug wind grid tie inverter


Text - 1000W on Grid Tie Power Inverter AC 110V for 3 Phase Wind turbine


The electrical specifications:



Normal AC output power

900 W

AC power output

1000 W

AC output voltage of

230 V Model

190 V ~ 260 V

110V Model


AC output frequency range

46Hz ~ 65Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)


Power factor



AC input voltage range

3 phase AC: 22-60 V, 45-90 v

Peak inverter efficiency


Standby power consumption

<1 W

Waveform output current

Pure sine wave

MPPT function


Over current protection


Over temperature protection


Reverse polarity protection


Protection island





Specifications mechanics:






408mm * 275mm * 125mm





Text - 1000W on Grid Tie Power Inverter AC 110V for 3 Phase Wind turbine

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