12V DC Cigarette socket to USB adapter

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This adapter is designed to convert our mini wind turbine's DC output to USB output.  The input is a 12VDC cigarette socket and the output is regulated standard 5V DC 2A max.


  • Input
    • Type: Standard automotive cigarette plug
    • Input voltage: 5-40V DC
    • Input current: 0.5A-1.25A DC
  • Output
    • Type: USB Female
    • Output voltage: 5V DC regulated
    • Output current: 0-2A DC
  • Operating temperature: -40°F to 120°F
  • Output overvoltage protection: 300W TVS blocking diode protects your USB device.
  • Using the latest USB identification circuit, the USB output is perfectly compatible with iPhone, Android phones, iPad, etc.

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