1600W Wind Turbine Control Panel for Rebel or Trailblazer II with Charge Controller, Dump/Divert Load, Brake, Plug and Play

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Add to your cart with our REBEL or Trailblazer II solar generator.  (Not compatible with Trailblazer or any other solar generator) 

This panel is pre-wired and ready to go!  Hook up your battery and absolutely no additional wiring is needed! Works with up to a 1600W wind turbine.


  • Completely assembled and quality checked in USA.  Capable of handling up to a 1600W wind turbine.
  • Automatic temperature controls for cooling dump load resistors and solenoid relay.
  • No exposed wiring.  Safe and easy to use.
  • Temperature switch automatically turns on cooling fan when needed and automatically turns off cooling fan to avoid battery drain.
  • Pre-wired and ready to go: Connect battery and inverter
  • 3 Phase AC input connectors ready to connect wind turbine.
  • Perfect for off-grid installations at home, industrial use, commercial use, camping, tailgating, etc.


  • Battery voltage: 12VDC                        
  • Maximum rated dump / divert load: 1600W