2 Blades + Hub For Mini Wind Turbine, 18" Swept Diameter, made in USA

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This is a nice, premium product, Made in USA. Tested in a real engineering wind tunnel, Cutting Edge Power's thick UV resistant 2 blades and hub are designed for any generator with a 1/8" shaft.  This is a complete retrofit kit, comprised of all parts necessary to upgrade your CEP wind turbine to our new magnetic hub design. The hub is magnetic and snaps onto the included flange. All hardware is pre-installed and ready to go. 

Compatible with Cutting Edge Power Mini Wind Turbine


  • 18" swept diameter
  • Now Magnetic for easy on/off and blade swapping! 
  • Specially designed brass threads are pre-assembled and heat set into the blades to eliminate vibration. (included)
  • Black stainless steel machine screws provide a long-lasting outdoor finish.  (included) These are not zinc or carbon steel screws, they are stainless.



  • Retrofit flange for attaching to 1/8" generator shaft
  • Magnetic hub
  • 2 blades
  • All necessary hardware 
  • Installation hex key


Aerodynamic grooves on the blades create a thin turbulent boundary layer on the surface, which allows the blade to flow smoothly through the wind, similar to golf ball dimples.