2000W Grid tie output, for Rebel Solar Generators, 240V split phase with NEMA 14-50P and 5ft cord

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This product listing includes the grid tie inverter as well as the necessary controls and relays to automatically send excess power back to the grid.  This product listing is only for Rebel Solar Generators (240V split phase) and has a maximum grid tie output of 2000W.

The output connector is a NEMA 14-50P, however it can be customized if necessary - just ask us. 

As this package is installed in a solar generator, this product listing is only available in combination with a Rebel Solar Generator and is not available for individual sale.

The grid tied connection does not require extra equipment or approvals.  This is because it senses a grid connection before sending power back.  If no grid is present, it will not function because that would be a safety hazard.  With this failsafe design type there aren’t any extra approvals or certifications needed.


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