250W Mini Grid Tie Inverter / Microinverter, for 18-50V Solar panels, Plug and Play

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Simplify your setup with these plug and play grid tie inverters! Small enough to mount on your solar panel or near your homes outlet, these grid tie inverters require no settings, no programming, and no additional setup. Truly plug and play, it plugs into any 3 prong household outlet. We recommend a maximum of 4 per household circuit. 


Fine print: Do not attempt to plug this into a 2 prong outlet without a ground. This is a grid tied inverter, meaning it must be connected to the grid to function. It cannot be used as a backup system when your power is out. For backup systems, we recommend our off grid solar generators. 


Why grid tied? 

Sending solar power back to the grid not only helps offset your electricity bill, but some areas will even let you make profit if you generate enough power. 




  • Input rating: 260W max @ 18-50V DC
  • Output rating: 250W max @ 90-130V DC (110/120V)
  • Grid requirement: Standard residential / commercial 110/120 V AC 3-prong receptacle, 1-phase, 60 Hz
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60 deg C
  • Weatherproof rating: IP55

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Seller consistently delivers on prompt and courteous customer service. The recommendations that I gave for the business were either followed or implemented and really told me that I was a valued customer.

Don T.
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Work well had to modify my connections on my harbor freight panels no problem

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Use with a single panel

I have found that a single panel is ideal per inverter and parallel does not seem to increase wattage. I have two in a large attwood battery box and one in a small U1 battery box and these guys get too hot to touch so I may look into a fan built into a box to assist in venting. Overall they seem to work ok. I use on 100w panels and this seems to be an ideal size for moving around with limited space.