400W Wind Turbine Generator with Flange Adapter 3 phase 12V 24V

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This turbine can also be used with our truck/RV mount and wind turbine battery box to easily deploy a wind turbine in less than 30 minutes!!! This would be a perfect "bugout" or "emergency" wind turbine.

Truck mount

 Top Features:

  • Cutting Edge Power's financing allows you to offset your investment by paying for your order in 3 easy interest-free payments.
  • Includes our popular wind turbine flange adapter
    • This adapter makes your wind turbine installation easier by allowing you to bolt on your wind turbine flange instead of welding.


      • Rated Power : 400W
      • Rated Voltage : 27-54V DC (with supplied charge controller)
      • Battery Voltage : 12V / 24V DC (12V with supplied charge controller)
      • Start-up Wind Speed : 2.5 mph
      • Rated Wind Speed : 27 mph
      • Number of Blades : 3
      • Material of Blades : PBT
      • Blade Swept Diameter : 48 in
      • Rated Speed : 800 RPM


      • (1) Wind turbine
      • (1) Flange adapter
      • (1) Starter charge controller (basic solid state charge controller)
      • (3) Blades
      • (1) Pack of bolts and nuts for flanges and blades, set screws for flange adapter

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