60 Amp 3 Phase Brake Switch for Most Wind Turbine Generators

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This universal wind turbine switch can be used as a disconnect as well as a brake for most 3 phase wind turbines.  Here’s how it works:

 Run: 3 phase turbine is connected to your rectifier.

Free: Turbine is disconnected and able to “free turn”.  Free wheeling a wind turbine is generally only for temporary or testing purposes.

Brake: Wires are shorted together (Brake on).


The switch comes pre-jumpered and only requires stripped wires to connect.


This product uses Wago next generation connectors, a better alternative to wire nuts.




 Maximum current at 600V: 30A (10A per wire)

Maximum current at 12V: 60A (20A per wire)

Durability: 1,000,000 cycles

Accepts wire size: 24-14 AWG