700 Watt Wind Turbine Generator with Charge Controller, Made in USA

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  • Composite cover to protect your PMA from the elements.
  • Integrated universal slip ring that’s easily replaceable. 
  • Heavy duty aluminum bearing.
  • All-Steel chassis. 
  • High output 700 watt PMA.
  • The highest quality blades available for your safety and for maximum performance.  
  • All-American design and manufacturing with over 80% domestic parts.  
  • Integrated cable support loop.  


  1. Composite cover to protect your PMA from rain, snow, the sun and other damaging weather elements.  The cover extends the life of your turbine and PMA, ultimately increasing your net dollar savings over time.
  2. Integrated universal slip ring that’s easily replaceable. This industrial grade slip ring removes the short term maintenance problem of having to uncoil wires.  Also, since it’s universal it’s easy and cheap to replace.  All wiring is protected from the weather.
  3. Heavy duty aluminum bearing housing with steel ball bearings.  Also a universal part, this wind turbine bearing is designed for high loading and fatigue cycles.  The bearing is completely protected from the elements by our housing cover.
  4. All-Steel chassis welded and finished with black oxide and a clear enamel coating.  We insisted on an all-steel chassis to ensure long life for your wind turbine, maximizing your investment.
  5. High output 700 watt PMA from a well known manufacturer.  A proven and tested PMA is crucial to your wind turbine system.  The Delco 10SI PMA is also easily replaced if you ever have a need to upgrade.
  6. The highest quality blades available for your safety and for maximum performance.  Using Nylon carbon fiber composite blades from a well known USA manufacturer means that they have been tested again and again and will perform to your expectations.
  7. All-American design and manufacturing with over 80% domestic parts.  Compare that head to head with our competition.  You can rest assured that no corners were cut in our design and manufacturing and we’re proud to be an all-American company with our headquarters based in Dallas, Texas.
  8. 1/4" thick steel hub with welded studs.  Welded studs save time and frustration by allowing you to only have to tighten one side of the blade fasteners.
  9. Integrated cable support loop.  The problem of supporting your cables has been an issue since day 1.  Now you don’t have to worry about the weight of your wires breaking the connection.  
  10. Downwind configuration.  This eliminates the need for a tail.  It extends the life of the blades and saves you money due to the lower shipping cost.
  11. Entirely modular platform.  Our modular platform includes mounting support for future Cutting Edge Power products such as RPM sensors, wind speed sensors, cooling fans and more. 


  • Rotor type: Horizontal axis
  • Mount type / size: 1-1/2" pipe (Sch 40 or Sch 80) - 1.9" O.D.
  • Rotor diameter: 63″
  • Generator type: Neodymium Permanent Magnet Alternator
  • Generator Output:  700 watts
  • Battery charging output: 12 volt DC with included rectifier
  • Charging rpm: 200 RPM+
  • Weight: 24 lb
  • Cut in wind speed: 

                  3 blade: 8-12 MPH
                  5 blade: 7-8 MPH
                  7 blade: 6-7 MPH

  • Survival wind speed: 40 mph


Included in the box:

  • 700 Watt Wind Turbine 
  • 3 PH AC/DC 12V DC rectifier
  • Blades
  • Slip ring
  • 1/4" Blade hub with welded studs
  • Cable support
  • All necessary hardware 

This is a complete wind turbine kit.  You do not need any extra locking collars, paint, etc. with this kit.


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