Add Grid Tie Output to any CEP Solar Generator

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Make your solar generator a hybrid: on-grid and off-grid

Once your batteries are fully charged, send power back to the grid!  Includes the following installed:

  • Solar Grid Tie Inverter
  • Cooling fan & temperature control
  • Relay to divert solar input

This product is designed for solar panels to send power back to the grid after your off-grid batteries are fully charged.  It is controlled so the solar panels will only send power back to the grid if there is a live grid connection.  If the grid is down, solar panels will remain connected to the solar charge controller and batteries.

This product can't be used in place of wind turbine dump load resistor controls, but it CAN be used in combination with traditional wind turbine dump load resistor controls.  If used in combination, extra power will default to sending back to the grid.  If the grid connection is down, power will be diverted to the dump load resistor controls.

This product is 100% plug and play and only requires you to run an extension cord to the solar generator.

Why grid tied? 

Sending solar power back to the grid not only helps offset your electricity bill, but some areas will even let you make profit if you generate enough power. 

Fine print: Do not attempt to plug this into a 2 prong outlet without a ground. This is a grid tied inverter, meaning it must be connected to the grid to function. If you are looking for a product that can power your home during a power outage, we recommend our Rebel Solar Generator and a Transfer Switch.



  • Input rating: 18-50V DC
  • Output rating: 90-130V DC (110/120V)
  • Grid requirement: Standard residential / commercial 110/120 V AC 3-prong receptacle, 1-phase, 60 Hz
  • Maximum operating temperature: 50 deg C