Adjustable Solar Panel Mounting Bracket for Balcony. Made in USA

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This is an adjustable solar panel bracket designed to safely mount one solar panel, up to 200W on any 1-1/2” or 2” wide steel balcony. 

It can be adjusted to any angle you need to harness the sun’s energy.  Safety is stressed because this mount is a lot thicker and stronger than most mounts on ebay or amazon.   It’s very important for this item to stress safety because we cannot allow a solar panel to fall down.  

The mount by itself comes with (2) 1” pipe u-bolts and (2) 1-1/2” square u bolts.  (or 2” square U-bolts depending on the variation).

 It is heavy duty ¼” welded steel plate with a black oxide finish and clear enamel sealant. 

Also includes a safety tether to attach to your panel and balcony.


This item is still eligible for a 30% tax credit

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